are a civil and structural design consultancy. We specialise in structural and civil design of elements of construction. We also provide a cad service, opinions and advice, planning compliance, reports and certificates. We are professional members of engineers Ireland and are fully insured to complete stage payment requests and certificates of compliance. We can provide you with a practical,efficient,precise and timely design solution for your small or large domestic construction project. We service all areas in Dublin and and surrounding counties and are happy to deal with your enquiry.

About Us

We have provided design and consultancy services for domestic, residential and commercial sectors of construction and development for over 25 years. Founded by Gavin Kirwan Associate Engineer who's work portfolio includes small domestic consulting, large residential and commercial consulting and national and international project consulting. National projects we have been engaged in and have taken a lead role in include The new national children's hospital, Tallaght hospital, The national convention centre, Dublin airport, Cork airport, Luas lines, Pierce street library, Trinity college science hall. We have also been engaged with a number of celebrity home and commercial venture construction projects, stately homes, and large commercial developments which include The Blanchardstown shopping centre, Spencer docks and Ballymun regeneration projects Abbeylands Bridge over river Lerr, Balinascorney House bridge,Southern cross motorway bridge fly overs. Our list of expertise and consulting also includes a number of prominent GAA and soccer sites in Dublin. Our international portfolio includes work on the Channel Islands, Canary Warf London, Heron tower London and consulting for American European joint venture prototype startups including inception advice on the new Twin Towers NewYork. We have a diverse range of experience, talent and knowledge and a vast resource centre capable of catering for your construction project needs, small or large. We operate within the most recent codes of practice, engage with the most current and advanced software, and pool talent and resources and knowledge to provide a most seamless and efficient, cost and workflow service to all our customers.


Elemental design for structures

Structural design

Civil design 

Suds design

Compliance certs

Report writing

Planning compliance

Cad drafting

Conditional surveys

Site inspections

Draw down certs

Certs of inspection

Planning permissions

Opinion of compliance

Percolation tests

Soakaway design

Construction drawings

General arrangement drawings


Do I need an Engineer or a Builder or even an Architect?

If you are considering to construct a building project of any type you should consider a list of service providers you may require. An Engineer will provide you with structural design for the elements of construction these would typically include foundations,beams,columns,floors,roofs,walls,drainage water and foul sewer systems,and any other elements and systems which may be required to meet the requirements of the relevant codes of practice for safely ensuring the adequacy of the elements and systems specified by the engineer. Once installed and performing to the engineers satisfaction, these elements and systems can be certified to a standard, mostly applicable building regulations and associated standards and codes of practice thereof by the engineer and this certificate forms and is used as part of the conveyancing process at point of purchase or resale of the property associated with the building project. This certificate is combined with other certificates to form an end certificate commonly known as an opinion of compliance certificate or alternatively a certificate of compliance. The compliance certificate encloses all the categories of the building regulations, the categories are listed alphabetically and a structural engineer usually certifies to category A, structures. This category A or Part A as it is commonly known is of utmost importance as it includes the foundation which most financial institutions and insurers require as a standalone certificate prior to purchase of, resale of or construction of new, renovated or refurbished properties and construction projects. An engineer will also advise, invent, solve and oversee complex arrangements of construction and ultimately safe guard a client against unreasonable costs associated with defective and irregular construction and construction techniques, by means of correctly specifying required construction materials,techniques,arrangements and methods of application and provided the required legal documents during and at the end of construction. A builder cannot provide this relevant Part A cert unless he is also an suitably qualified engineer in private practice with appropriate indemnity insurance and the architect will rely on this cert from suitably qualified engineer. These are just a few reasons why if you are constructing and are unsure why you need one and if you have been told you don't, you definitely do YOU NEED AN ENGINEER!

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